Family Concerts
April 15, 2017 , 10:00 am & 11:30 am
Longfellow Middle School
Free Admission! $10 suggested donation per adult

Sing, play, and clap along with Berkeley Symphony! Bring your whole family and perform with us! All are welcome at any skill level. Have an instrument? Bring it along and get ready for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to perform alongside professional orchestra musicians! An annual tradition at Berkeley Symphony, “I’m a Performer!” Family Concerts are open to all music lovers, instrumentalists and singers alike.

“I’m a Performer” performance are FREE and seat reservations are encouraged. These concerts are possible, in part, because of a $10 suggested donation per adult.

Learn more about Berkeley Symphony’s Music in the Schools Program.

Download your sheet music below:

Ode to Joy – Beethoven

Sing along (voice)
Violin (easy)
Violin I (difficult)
Violin II (difficult)
Viola  (easy)
Viola  (difficult)
Cello  (easy)
Cello  (difficult)
Clarinet B♭
Horn (easy)
Horn (difficult)
Treble instrument in C*
Treble instrument in B♭*
Treble instrument in E♭*
Bass instrument in C*
Bass instrument in B♭*
Low bass instrument in B♭*
*Easy alternate parts for any instrument.

Ming Luke, conductor
Berkeley Symphony

Frequently Asked Questions
What if we have an infant or my child can't sit through the whole program?
The doors remain unlocked and open in case you need a quick get away. You are welcome to walk in and out as much as you need to.

What's the dress code and atmosphere?

Where are the restrooms?
From the front doors where most enter for the performance (where our table is set up) just go outside and through the next door to the left (behind a palm tree and to the left of the school's main entrance). That hallway is where the restrooms are.

Are there two concerts?
Yes, one is at 10am and the next (same program) is at 11:30am.

How much does it cost?
Family concerts are FREE but we collect donations.

Do I have to play an orchestra or band instrument?
No! You can sing, clap, or play any instrument you like! We welcome guitars, banjos, mandolins, recorders, harps, sitars, accordions, dulcimers, bag pipes, theremins...